Consulting | PT. Cubes Consulting


PT Cubes Consulting provides consulting services in the development and management of corporate information technology applications including the selection, development of corporate information resources, and the proposed utilization of information technology. Consulting services provided include:

  • ERP Implementation and other supporting systems
  • IT Project Management
  • Business Process Re-Engineering
  • IT Strategic Planning
  • IT Governance Services
  • Software Custom Development

The philosophy adopted by PT. Cubes Consulting provides consulting services in the following:

  • Enables business partners in the global competition
  • Enables business partners in business decisions in the context of enterprise development in the future
  • Provide solutions based on best practices, compliance and proven

PT. Cubes Consulting Project Management uses a comprehensiveand well planned. Here is a cycle Project Management in used:


Project methodology used, particularly for implementation SAP, is A SAP Methodology