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SAP BPC Event on 29th October 2013

2nd E-invitation SAP BPC Event v1.1 sized


Shareholders, Directors or Managers need financial statements quickly and accurately in order to make decisions. Decision maker must be able to see the future of the business with its variables that can change anytime. Company needs to accelerate business quickly to any changes that may have a significant effect on its business.

We Participated At SAP Forum 2013


A perfect storm of technology innovations is changing the ways businesses operate. From mobile and cloud computing to social media and Big Data, executives like you want to keep pace with the latest business trends. At SAP, we believe critical insights and ideas come from ongoing collaboration and communication with our valued clients and partners. That’s why we invite you to join us at SAP Forum Jakarta on August, 27, 2013, where you can experience the future of business. SAP Forum Jakarta brings together SAP experts, business leaders, partners, and customers – all in one convenient location.

Join the entire SAP ecosystem to explore breakthrough technology innovations, participate in highly informative panel discussions and breakout sessions, and listen to real-world implementation examples from SAP customers.

SAP HANA® – An In-Memory Data Platform for Real-Time Business


No matter what business you’re in, your success may depend on one thing: insight. Not just insight gleaned from standardized reports and data, but insight gleaned from data across your entire enterprise – data that you can use the very second it’s created to help your business thrive. That’s the power of real-time business insight – and that’s the power of the SAP HANA® platform

Historically, real-time business insight has not been possible because separate analytical and transaction databases require that numerous complex data models have to be built in order to make data meaningful to business users. There are also scale limitations, as large data sets from different sources in the company can’t be used simultaneously to provide meaningful and instant answers to complex questions.