SAP BPC Event on 29th October 2013

SAP BPC Event on 29th October 2013

2nd E-invitation SAP BPC Event v1.1 sized


Shareholders, Directors or Managers need financial statements quickly and accurately in order to make decisions. Decision maker must be able to see the future of the business with its variables that can change anytime. Company needs to accelerate business quickly to any changes that may have a significant effect on its business.

Only the smart company with flexibility will always win. Ability to respond the market changes will determine customer satisfaction and synchronies business functions such as production, sales, finance and others.

SAP BPC is the right solution for every company who have difficulty in integrating of planning and consolidation. With SAP BPC, company may immediately accelerate to any changes in business or company’s policy. By looking at the final results and the impact to the Company's financial statements as a whole and the final.

On behalf of PT Cubes Consulting, we look forward to meeting you at SAP BPC Event Jakarta



A. Bambang Trinurcahya

Managing Director

PT Cubes Consulting