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About Us

Competitive strategy is about being different. It is about deliberately choosing a different position and set of activities that enable you to deliver unique value. Michael Porter, 1996.

As market leader in enterprise application software in the world, SAP helps companies, not only run better but enable companies to deliver unique value. SAP offer solutions from cloud and in-memory, to mobile, analytics, and beyond. SAP have solutions and services for every business challenge. Running SAP will empower organization and people to work together with effective and efficient since SAP bring the new paradigm to optimize software technology that could help to improve the business process. More than 238,000 customers around the world rely on SAP and they are coming from all business sizes and industries.

CUBES Consulting is one of the SAP Certified Partner (Channel & Service Partner) in Indonesia, provides information technology services in the field of software implementation, providing support and training applications. CUBES are committed to help implement SAP to improve business performance and efficiency of the company. CUBES commits to deliver unique value for SAP Implementation in the term of SAP solutions defined, high qualification of consultants and best pricing approach. One of CUBES’ competitive strategy to make sure successful implementation is running the project change management. Change Management will ensure alignment of SAP with business requirements and manage the acceptance of business improvement.

Cubes Management Team

  • Pantai About-Us Director

    Brian, 26

    Junior Designer

  • Ray-Montha About-Us Operational-Director

    George, 39

    CEO Founder

  • Yulianti-Noor

    Chris, 32

    Creative Director

  • Doni

    Lucy, 2

    Office Dog


Cubes Consulting becomes the best solution provider in the Asia Pacific region, especially for SAP products.


Cubes Consulting is committed to providing one stop solution in terms of products and services, as:

  • Implementation of SAP
  • Outsourcing and SAP Call Centers
  • ERP Training Center

Corporate Value

Corporate values developed by the Cubes Consulting is:

  • Professionalism, a consulting firm with expertise in their fields, competent and character.
  • On Time, get the job done quickly and accurately.
  • Cooperative, able to translate the needs of business partners to improve the expected results.
  • Problem Solving, answering the needs and solve problems once and for all business partners.
  • Resourceful, qualified, knowledgeable and current.